Fresh water pearl bangle



Cleopatra wagered Marc Antony she could give the most expensive dinner in history. The table was set with two empty plants and glasses of wine. Cleopatra crushed one large pearl of a pair of earrings, dissolved it in the wine and drank it! Mark Antony declined to consume the other matching pearl and agreed the wager was one. Pliny, the historian wrote in his famous “Natural History” that the two pearls were worth an estimated 60 million sesterces, or 1,875,000 ounces of fine silver and at £20 an ounce is just over £37,500,000

Our natural pearl bracelets are far more economical to purchase and look stunning.  Each bracelet comes with a variety of coloured pearls from the natural colour to greens, purples, browns, black and pinks.  the look especially stunning when worn in multiples or with one of our gemstone charm bracelet



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