Grim reaper backflow burner


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This detailed backflow incense cone burner portrays the Grim Reaper crossing the River Styx in a dilapidated boat.


To see the theatre of backflow burners and their effects as smoke curls from his robe and pool into a foggy sea when a backflow cone is placed on his back.

For best effects burn indoors in an area away from any sudden air movements. It is normal for cones to take up to 10 minutes after being lit to start creating the smoking/mist effect.

Please note that after burning it is normal for a light oily residue to appear on the oil burner. Any residue can be easily wiped off the burner with a damp cloth.

As with all heat sources, exercise caution when burning incense. Only backflow incense cones should be used with this product. Standard incense cones will not create the desired effect. We supply a selection of backflow incense cones in a variety of scents


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