How does he do it? There is only one trick to this spellbinding wooden wizardry, turn the handle. The fun does not stop there, you can go on to paint or decorate your model.

The advanced level range of Timberkits is more challenging and offers greater satisfaction when complete.

Automata kits are ingenious and fascinating combinations of wooden parts and mechanical linkages. Supplied as a kit of parts with assembly diagrams and glue; building each model is an education and the result is wonderfully entertaining. The kits are joy to make for all ages from 9 to 90 years; younger children can get involved with adult help.

All the wooden parts come from sustainable forestry and are fully machined with no further need for specialist tools.

Finished model dimensions: Width: 200mm, Height: 195mm, Depth: 165mm.

When you have finished, you can bring your model to life with one of the universal drive kits, either battery or mains power.

Key Features

  • Have fun building this wooden mechanical model.
  • Turn the handle, just like that, and watch the tricks up his sleeve.
  • Great way to learn about cams and linkages.
  • All wooden construction, no additional tools required.
  • Paint or decorate if desired.
  • For all ages, 9 years to 90 years
  • An advanced level kit for those looking for a challenge.
  • All kits include assembly diagrams and glue.


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