Teepee Incense holder



A decorative incense cone holder in the shape of a teepee! A fun and colourful way to fragrance your home. The smoke filters up through the top of the teepee, giving the impression of a campfire inside.

Bright in colour and individually packaged in a display box.

How to use the incense cone holder: Place the incense cone inside the holder from the pack of the teepee. Light the incense cone, wait for it to glow then blow out the flame.

Made from resin. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth when not in use.

Dimensions: H11cm x W7cm x D7cm approx.

Product safety: Do not leave lit candles or incense in reach of pets and children. Allow to distinguish fully before moving or disposing of. Place holder on a heatproof mat or surface. Keep away from draughts.


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