Trilobite Calymene


Trilobites rank among the most important of early animals. Our knowledge of them has been gained from the study of their fossils, usually impressions left of their shells after burial in sediment which subsequently hardened into rock. They appeared abruptly in the early part of the Cambrian Period, and came to dominate the Cambrian and early Ordovician seas. A prolonged decline then set in before they finally became extinct at the end of the Permian Period, about 250 million years ago.

Around Carmarthen in south Wales,  some Trilobite tails (pygidia) were so pronounced that they were referred to as “petrified butterflies ” and were attributed to some of the Merlin myths. Indeed one particular species of Trilobite is named after Merlin -Merlinia


These Calymene Trilobite Fossils from Morocco are c.360 million years old. They make unique and beautiful gifts for all ages.They look great as an ornament in the home or as start to a fossil collection. Own a prehistoric piece that existed before the dinosaurs!


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